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by admin on July 17, 2012

When looking for a hot hatchback model there is invariable one name that springs to mind – the Volkswagen Golf GTi. If you are looking for a used VW Golf GTi you may be interested to learn more about the car. With the advent of a new Golf GTi model, there is sure to be a lot of well-priced Used VW Golf GTi models hitting the market very soon.

Plenty of people who are interested in the automobile industry have been closely watching what Volkswagen has been doing with its Golf line of cars over recent years. While the company are as careful as ever to keep its test models covered up in an effort to keep the details from leaking out, the VW Golf GTi is going into production in August to prepare it for release and the final details of what the car is going to include are getting out.

The automobile manufacturer has elected to use its MQB platform as the basis for this car. The term is a German one that roughly translates to “Modular Transverse Matrix”. It is essentially a matrix of components that the company has designed in such a way that they can use the same basic set of parts and combine them in slightly different ways to use in a wide variety of different car models. Some of the advantage that this offers from the perspective of drivers is that the hot-formed steels used in creating this platform have increased rigidity with less weight. In addition to this, the company has elected to use an aluminum roof on the GTi. In total, this cuts the weight of the vehicle by about 100kg, which is a definite positive for fuel efficiency.

The car is set to be powered by new engines that are specifically designed to suit the MQB platform. The modularity of this design system is something that the company expects will make the design and production process much less expensive, and therefore allow them to include more luxury components in their cars without having to raise prices. The engine itself for the GTi is expected to be a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. It was developed by Audi and is expected to appear in a number of high performance vehicles. Though there are higher powered versions of the same engine, the one slated for use in this particular car will be able to manage about 240 bhp, which is roughly comparable to the current Golf GTI 35 Edition.

Used VW Golf GTi

It looks like what the manufacturer is trying to achieve with this particular car is a very high degree of everyday usability. It is not going to be the most powerful car on the road, though it will have a very respectable top speed of 155mph, up from the 149 mph that could be achieved with the previous year’s model. It is likewise expected to be able to achieve acceleration from 0 – 62mph in 6 seconds compared to a previous 6.9. These adjustments aren’t exactly likely to completely change the way anyone drives, but they are a nice improvement over what the same car was able to do in 2012.

From the perspective of a driver, this should be a vehicle that will be easy to control. The high degree of stiffness in the new body platform along with the decreased weight and the fact that the car’s weight is now more firmly distributed near its center of gravity, mean that it is going to be highly maneuverable. Drivers should see improvements over past models in both handling and braking performance, which should appeal to anyone who has a strong interest in safety.

In addition, these same changes are going to have very positive implications for people who are concerned about emissions or the cost of fuel. The current claim is that the fuel economy for the 2013 model is going to be approximately 45 mpg, which should promise more affordable driving for many potential buyers. At the same time, the CO2 emissions are expected to come to only about 150g/km.

As mentioned above, part of the reason that the company is using this particular design approach is that they want to make it more affordable to pack a lot of interesting gadgets and luxury features into their models. That mentality is not skipping over the GTi by any means. These are generally features that are also available elsewhere in the line of cars that Volkswagen produces. For example, they are going to offer their fatigue assist feature that is designed to recognize ordinary driver patterns and identify when a driver is likely to be drowsy and to give an alert before he or she can fall asleep at the wheel and potentially cause a serious accident.

There are also going to be some features, of course, that are more fun or convenient rather than deadly serious. For example, this particular car model is slated to include parking assist technology for people who have difficulty that, as well as a built in touch-screen on the dashboard. If other VW cars are any indication, that screen will be the main interface into automobile features like the audio system and the ability to link to other devices with Bluetooth.

In its seventh generation, the Volkswagen Golf line of cars is likely to have a lot to offer to potential drivers. The changes the company has made to how it designs and builds cars are very likely to enable significant improvements in everything from maneuvering to the type of technology that they can include. It has also allowed the manufacturer to simultaneously make improvements in both fuel economy and safety.

The great news for Used Car buyers is that with the introduction of a new model, the likelihood is that there will be an increased number of Used VW Golf GTi models on the market at considerably lower prices than the new one. To make sure you are aware of the latest Used Volkswagen models available, keep checking back at Eddie Wright Used Car Supermarket.

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