Why Should You Consider a Used Renault Clio?

by admin on July 19, 2012

When it comes to searching for an economical and reasonably priced used car, a great number of consumers turn to a Used Renault Clio as the perfect option.

The first ever Clio appeared on the market way back in 1990, and it is a line that has performed remarkably well ever since. With later offerings, the Renault Clio has stuck with its supermini roots, but made a lot of adjustments that are going to ensure that it is one of the more interesting cars to watch for on used car forecourts. With such a strong following over so many years, it will be interesting to see how buyers respond to the adjustments that the manufacturer has made.

Used Renault Clio

One of the biggest changes to the design of the car in recent years is the fact that the company is no longer offering the option of purchasing a three-door version of the car. Instead, anyone who wants a Clio will have to get one that has five doors. This extends through the entire line, all the way up to the RenaultSport model.

While this one option has been taken away, the company is looking to provide additional options elsewhere. Though all of the cars in the line will naturally retain its striking body shape, there is obviously a great deal else about the car that drivers will be permitted to change to suit their own preferences. The level of personalization that the manufacturer is preparing to offer is more extensive than they have ever supported for this car before.

The personalization options include both the interior and exterior of the car. Drivers get the chance to make the obvious choices about things like color choices, but it does not stop there. They will also get to choose the front grille, door inserts for both the rear and the sides, the door panels, the dashboard, the air vent surrounds, the gear lever, and more. By the time a buyer is done going through all of the options and deciding what to include, he or she is going to end up with something that is far more unique than you would typically expect to see in something that is just leaving a used car dealer’s lot.

In an effort to appeal to younger buyers, the company has invested a lot of attention into making sure that they are offering a fantastic sound system in this particular car. They are using what is being called the Renault Bass Reflex system. Part of the design of this feature is that there are loudspeakers mounted within the front doors themselves, and they have been selected to have better bass performance and a much lower level of sound distortion than you would ordinarily expect to find in the factory audio equipment for a vehicle of this type. They have also naturally included the option of using BlueTooth connections to create a link between the car and phones or mp3 players to make it as easy as possible to use the sound system with the devices their drivers already love.

Another distinction that recent Used Renault Clio models will carry is that they are going to be the first Renault that has the opportunity to benefit from using several different versions of downsized engines. The least powerful of these is a three-cylinder petrol engine that the company claims offers performance that is comparable to that of a more traditional 1.4-litre engine. It is said to be capable of exerting about 89bhp and 100lbft.

For people who want a more powerful car, of course, there will be additional options. The company plans to offer a 1.2-litre petrol engine with 4 cylinders that boasts 118bhp and 140lbft, which they say is more typical of a 1.6litre engine. This particular engine will also be paired with the company’s Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) gearbox technology.

Those who prefer a diesel option or who are particularly interested in being environmentally friendly will be happy with the car as well. There is going to be a four-cylinder diesel engine as an option, which can achieve 89 bhp and 162lbft with just 83g/km for its CO2 emissions. The most ecologically friendly of the petrol engines, on the other hand, still achieves a mark that makes it eligible for road tax exemption due to releasing just 99g/km. The company has said that the cars also have an “eco mode” that has the potential to boost efficiency by an additional 10% when it is in use.

In the more digital department, the company has also made some serious moves to attract technologically-minded consumers. They are including an interface that is being dubbed ‘R-Link’, and which is operated through a seven-inch touchscreen display. It will permit the basics that buyers would expect, such as voice-control of the car and the opportunity to use a navigation system through the screen, but there are also some more interesting twists involved. One of these is the fact that it will be possible to download apps to run through the car.

So with all of the above in mind – surely a Used Renault Clio makes a lot of sense to the potential used car buyer. With economical yet performance-driven engines, practicality and style in abundance, a Used Clio should be on the top of your wish list when you step on to the car supermarket forecourt.

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