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by admin on July 21, 2012

Every once in a while a company decides to go above and beyond their ordinary offerings by coming out with a special edition of one of their cars. These vehicles then go on to be Collectors Editions in their own right, often retaining a much higher level of value than many of their competitors. What they do to make something worthy of this title may vary, but such a release is often a source of great interest among customers who are drawn by the possibility of owning a car that will be much more distinctive and unique than those that they can usually acquire. The latest offering in this style is the New Land Rover Defender, which has been dubbed the XTech Special Edition.

Why should a used car buyer such as yourself be interested in this though? The answer is simple, a shrewd used car consumer will always be on the look out for future classics – a very inventive way of owning used cars that mange to hold considerably more of their value over time.

Used Land Rover Defender Special Editions

Most of what is special about this particular Used Land Rover involves the visual details. This is the only version of the car that offers the option of a paint job in the Nara Bronze color, for example. The roof comes in a color known as Santorini Black, which is designed to strike a pleasing contrast with the body colors, which can also come in Orkney Grey. The bumpers, door sills, headlight surrounds, and fenders have all been colored to match the roof, which brings the overall design scheme together effectively. Of course, the company took special care to keep their name very prominent on the vehicle, using a special gloss-black lettering where it is emblazoned on the front over a grill that is painted to rematch the remainder of the body.

There are some other exterior changes that have been made to complete this striking visual style. Just above the LED headlights, buyers will note the addition of a Defender decal that is unique to the special edition. They have also elected to take the 16-inch wheels and paint them a gloss black, an effect with harmonizes much better with the black detailing elsewhere than chrome wheels possibly could.

The same kind of thought and care has been devoted to the interior as well. The company went with a blend of Ebony and Almond leather, and added contrasting stitching to really set off the details in the upholstery construction. They also had the floor mats designed with a Land Rover logo woven right into them. Furthering the theme of keeping the name of the identity of the vehicle front and center, they likewise embossed their logo directly into the headrests. Meanwhile the center stack harmonizes with the exterior by echoing its color choices.

While this special edition vehicle is going to be instantly recognized on the roads for its visual style, there are a lot of extras included that go beyond the realm of the aesthetic. Its list of standard features includes a number of options that are normally only added for an extra fee when a buyer requests them, such as keyless entry, air conditioning, heated windshield and seats, and an integrated step in the rear bumper. They also chose to make it include a standard turbodiesel 2.2 litre engine. It is operated with a six-speed manual transmission and can achieve 121hp and 266 lb-ft of torque.

The place where this particular vehicle is likely to fit into the market is with those who want something that is both premium and very unusual. Powerful, rugged, and capable are certainly adjectives that you could comfortably apply to this manufacturer’s car offerings, and this fits comfortably within that mold while adding a lot of the kind of comfort and convenience options that some buyers might not ordinarily consider. The combination of the strong lines and the standard bronze and black color scheme produces strikes a fairly military note and makes it clear that this is meant to be able to boldly go wherever it takes to get the job done.

What the XTech really offers is the chance to have a vehicle that is extremely comfortable and yet also as practical as anything could be. It is designed to be capable of going off road with the best of the competition, and comes equipped with MTR off-road tires. The wheels are constructed from an alloy that is great for performance and reliability both on city roads and out in the country, while the electronic traction control will ensure that drivers are able to maintain control of it without any difficulty. The option of using the rear step on the bumper to easily enter and exit will also be great for operating under a variety of conditions and in very tight spaces or bad weather where using the doors might be undesirable.

So if you are in the market for a Used Land Rover at the moment, or plan to be in the future, then keep your eye out for Used Land Rover Special Editions – you will have an excellent driving experience and your vehicle will retain more of it’s value.

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