The Used Ford Focus ST Is The Car For You!

by admin on July 23, 2012

Not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on a car in order to get something that can be a lot of fun to drive. Automobile manufacturers are acutely aware of this, particularly after several years of economic difficulties have made more drivers reluctant to spend quite as much as they once did to get a great car. The Used Ford Focus ST, is a great example for how successful a car can be when they focus on making sure they really deliver on a good experience at a very solid price.

This is a car that does a good job of striking a balance between being something fun that you’d love to drive on a weekend, while still offering everything that you need as a day-to-day commuting car as well. While there are certainly still plenty of people out there who would prefer to pick out two completely different vehicles for this purpose, those who want something that can meet all of their needs and look good doing it are likely to be pleased by how much effort Ford has put into making the latest Focus into something that strives to be all things for its owners.

The Used Ford Focus ST

On the used car market you will find 3 variations of the Used Ford Focus ST, known as the ST, ST-2, and ST-3. The ST is the most basic and skips over some of the really clever touches in an effort to keep the price down. People who want to have fun additions like headlights that can automatically turn on and off as needed are going to have to pay a little bit more to get one of the more advanced versions. The quality of the trim also rises with each model, reaching the point of real-leather seats in the ST-3.

There are, of course, some other practical features that are different between the different versions of the car. For example, the most basic version will not include the lane and parking sensors that some drivers are finding to be a big reassurance as they maneuver through their daily driving routine. The addition of cruise control is also optional.

One of the most unique offerings in the latest Focus is the way that it handles engine sounds. Many luxury cars have spent the past several years bragging over how effective they can be at creating a bubble of silence in their interior. This is a car, however, that has chosen to go in an entirely different direction. They have included something called an Active Sound Symposer system that is actually specifically designed to make it possible to channel the engine sounds into the cabin. If you particularly enjoy the roar of an entire as you press your foot down on the pedal, this offers a way to savor it to a degree that much of the competition simply cannot match.

This same set of priorities is visible in the slight design changes the company has made to the outside as well. The bodywork has been adjusted to create an overall impression of a slightly sportier vehicle without going so far that it risks looking ridiculous. The look of the front grille has been changed slightly, and the ST logo provides a classy touch to the front end.

Of course, it would be a big disappointment to emphasize the ability to hear the engine’s roar and not include a powerful engine to maximize the experience. The four-cylinder 2-litre engine is turbocharged and is operated with a six speed transmission. It is capable of producing a full 252 hp. It includes Ford’s EcoBoost technology, the first four-cylinder engine the company has produced to do so, and has been reported to achieve 32 mpg on the highway. The manufacturer reports that its top speed is 154 mph, and that drivers should see a fuel economy of about 23 mpg when they drive in the city.

The inside is everything that you would expect to see from a Ford. Whoever was in charge of finding ways to pack features into this particular model certainly took his job seriously. It offers keyless ignition, a Sony stereo, the obligatory navigation system, and gauges that go so far as to provide feedback on the current level of turbo pressure. This may not add much to the information needed while driving, but it certainly can add just a bit of extra excitement to be able to glance down and see the dials go crazy as the engine roars with acceleration.

Fans of portable Apple devices will be thrilled by the inclusion of an iPod connector that is suitable for use with both the iPod and iPhone lines of devices. This has appeared in other cars previously, and is notable for how easy it makes it for drivers to access their music and other playlists while out on the road, making a daily commute just a little more relaxing and pleasant.

The fuel economy offered by the Used Focus ST is not bad by any means for cars in its class, though it is still probably not up to the standards of the most environmentally conscious of consumers. Still, it is a car that packs a tremendous amount of power and fun for its price tag, and that will certainly endear it to those buyers who want something that is a little more exciting to drive without being a disaster for their fuel budget. It is not perfect as a sports car or as a daily commute car, but it does a good job of making the compromises necessary to fulfill both of those roles.

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