Keep Your Motoring Green When You Buy A Used Car

by admin on July 24, 2012

Taking advantage of Green Cars is a smart choice and is easier than ever. Fuel prices are high and supplies are limited. International political instability makes it likely that prices will continue ro rise. If the issues with supply are not bad enough, there is more information everyday that the products of combustion are damaging the environment and threatening people’s health. However, there have been huge strides in recent years to reduce dependence on oil. The quality and performance of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles is better than ever. It may not be possible to completely get away from traditional fuels yet, but the efficiency numbers of the top vehicles are impressive.

Used Hybrid Cars

Comparing the most efficient cars shows the strengths and limitations of the category. There is better fuel mileage among this generation of plug-in hybrids. It is interesting to note that they are larger which gives them more room for batteries. This is a nice switch as it is no longer to sacrifice room to save on fuel costs. The transition means there are more options than ever for efficient transportation

The fist vehicle on the list is the Used Toyota Prius T3. Which averages 72.4 miles per gallon. It runs on a 1.8 L four-cylinder petrol-electric hybrid motor. The trim level on this model results in greater efficiency as it is smaller low friction wheels. This car was the first car to gain popularity as eco-conscious car and remained a popular choice and category leader.

The Used Citroen C3 is a supermini that benefits from 1.4 L e-HDi diesel with micro hybrid technology. It has a Start and Stop System and Electronic Gearbox System that raises the fuel efficiency to 83.1 mpg.

Another vehicle that takes advantage of the same motor is the Used Peugeot 208. They are the parent company of Citroen, so it makes sense that they use the same motor in a similar supermini platform. It has the same 83.1 mpg in a stylish body style.

After ruling the fuel efficiency market, the Used Smart Fortwo cdi has been replaced at the top. It still offers excellent fuel mileage at 85.6 mpg. They are built by the same company that makes Mercedes Benz and is unique entry in the microcar category. It has only two seats, hence the name, is less than nine feet long, and has the smallest diesel engine in production. Powered by a .8 L three-cylinder diesel engine, the car is one of the lightest made anywhere at about 1,600 pounds. This is a sharp-looking car that owes its remarkable performance to its minimal size and weight.

The Korean made Used Kia Rio 1.1 Ecodynamics and Used Hyundai i20 CRDi Blue are both powered by the same 1.1 L three cylinder turbodiesel and get nearly identical performance results for fuel efficiency. They have the highest mile per gallon rating of any non-electric car in the world at 88.3. They are both five seat superminis and have a range of economical boosting features like Start and Stop technology, low resistance tires, and optimized aerodynamics. These cars are already some of the least expensive on the market and the excellent efficiency makes them one of the best values on the road.

The Used Toyota Auris HSD Hybrid is the British built petrol-electric version of the Toyota Prius. The power plant is a 1.8 L four-cylinder engine that turns 134 horsepower with electrical motor assistance. It does not drive or handle as well, but it gets 74.3 mpg, which is superior to the original and is priced lower. It holds the distinction as the first mass-produced hybrid in Europe.

Toyota continues to impress with their range of innovative vehicles. They are leading the way for efficiency and alternative energy sources. The Yaris Hybrid is an intriguing combination of the petrol-electric motor from the Auris and the body of the Yaris. This gives it a strong 81 mpg to lead the way for the Toyota hybrid family. The Yaris is a subcompact and the lower weight of the car compared to other Prius models results in the higher fuel mileage.

Another Toyota that is even more intriguing is the Prius Plug-in. This car has the advantage of added fuel cells to create an extended range of battery only driving. While the other models have electric motor assistance, they can only run alone for about a mile. The Plug-in can travel for nearly fifteen miles before the petrol motor needs start. This raises the fuel mileage far above the other related models to an impressive 134.5 mpg. It takes about eight hours to get a full charge on the batteries, but this is a huge step up, especially for urban drivers and those only driving a short-range.

The clear leader in the fuel efficiency category is the Vauxhall Ampera. This is a re-badged Chevrolet Volt and current European Car of the Year. It is a plug-in electric drive hybrid car that uses a petrol motor-generator to help recharge the batteries. It has an expected all-electric range of forty miles, which is more than enough for the majority of trips taken. When it is needed, the petrol motor can engage to directly provide drive power. There are several innovative enhancements to extend the batteries including regenerative braking. The electric motor is capable of cranking and impressive 149 hp and the petrol motor is a 1.4 L four-cylinder that is mainly used to run the generator. This unique configuration leads to a whopping 235.4 mpg combined electric petrol mileage. This not only makes it the list leader, but it is better than the second place car by more than 100 miles per gallon. If fuel efficiency is the top concern when choosing a vehicle, this car is the clear choice.

As technology and ranges grow and develop, you will find an increasing number of economical and hybrid cars finding their way on to the used car market. If you are ecologically-minded then this could be the focus of your next visit to the car supermarket.

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