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by admin on July 24, 2012

It should come as no surprise to learn that according to all the latest statistics, one of the most sought after used cars on the market is the BMW 3 Series. You don’t have to sift through too much of the automotive press to find a favourable review of this stalwart of the executive saloon scene. The BMW 3 Series has been around since 1975, making it 37 years old. Obviously it has had many facelifts and a lot of re-engineering over this period but why has the German Maestro been so consistently popular over a matter of decades? At Eddie Wright Car Supermarket we have seen many BMW 3 Series arrive on our forecourt only to be snapped up a short time later. We think we have got the mystery of the Used BMW 3 Series popularity solved…

Used BMW 3 Series

The Badge

Ok, it seems fairly obvious, but a prestige badge goes a long way when selling a car. There are many reasons why people first consider the badge when it comes to their used car buying decision; but the two key ones are status and quality. In terms of status, what could be nicer than pulling up at a set of traffic lights and attracting the admiring glances of passers-by in your Used BMW? As for quality, BMW didn’t get the ‘prestige manufacturer’ tag by rolling out any old shoddy merchandise off the production line. Each car is meticulously designed and engineered to better its predecessor and win over a new generation of BMW converts. With the appeal of BMW running the gamut between old and young drivers alike, I’d say that BMW had achieved their aspirations admirably.

The Performance

BMW are internationally renowned for manufacturing cars that lead each of their respective markets. In the case of the Used BMW 3 Series; the majority of the competition in the small executive saloon marketplace can effectively hang up their gloves and step out of the ring. In terms of performance, very few cars in the same price bracket can offer the kind of spine-tingling performance that emanates from beneath the bonnet of the BMW. In terms of power, speed and handling, BMW seemingly wrote the rulebook on what is possible from a car of this size. If you are looking for a used car that can still impress you and your passengers on a daily basis, then you really shouldn’t have to look much further than a Used BMW.

The Economy

You can expect to pay a little more for a Used BMW at Car Supermarkets and Car Dealerships, but you certainly get a whole lot more in return. The amazing array of last generation’s diesel engines really helped BMW consolidate their stranglehold on the marketplace and cement its popularity with those who were as yet undecided. The combination of performance and frugality has always been key to the car buyers’ heart. The holy grail of a 0-62mph time in less than 10 seconds is easily achieved and combined with over a 50 mpg ratio simply makes the deal even sweeter. These days the economic concerns of the average member of the public also consider road tax and fuel costs considerably highly, so it comes as no surprise that the Used BMW 3 Series is also a big winner on this front as well.

The Quality

As previously alluded to, BMW haven’t earned such an enviable reputation within the automotive industry by adopting a slapdash approach when it comes to engineering and manufacturing. It is often said that buying cheap used cars can be a bit of a false economy, as you will end up spending considerably more than the car is worth in trying to keep it road-worthy. The engineering behind the Used BMW 3 Series is certainly built to last, ensuring motoring peace of mind for a long time. With the economy in such a precarious state, it certainly makes sense to choose your investments wisely and ensure the vehicle you buy is going to stand the test of time.

The Practicality

Performance and economy are relatively unimportant if you are unable to fit your family in the car. So it comes as no surprise that the Used BMW 3 Series has your bases covered in this respect as well. If the 4/5 door saloons are a bit of a tight squeeze (or your children are above 6 foot tall), then you may want to consider the estate versions of the 3 Series, of which there are many. A large boot space ensures that all family holidays can be amply prepared for, by allowing space for pretty much everything bar the kitchen sink. So if your other half ever complains that you have bought a prestige car, as opposed to a more family-orientated vehicle, you can play the practicality card with confidence!

The Competition

If you are still unconvinced, then by all means seek out the competition. For a similar cost you could consider the Used Mercedes Benz C Class, the Used Audi A4, the Used Volvo S60 or the Used Lexus IS. All of these cars are extremely accomplished and can certainly give the 3 Series a run for its money in most of the categories listed above. However, the majority of car aficionados come back to the Used BMW 3 Series time and time again, simply because it offers the ultimate compact executive saloon package.


So there you have it, four simple reasons as to why the Used BMW 3 Series has climbed to the top of the pile. At Eddie Wright Car Supermarket we have a great selection of Used BMW 3 Series cars so why not check out our used car selection or visit us today.

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