Cold Weather Warriors: A Used 4×4 For Winter?

by admin on December 12, 2013

As winter rears its icy head and we all begin to throw on the extra layers, anticipate ‘treacherous conditions’, and stock up on just enough de-icer for it to run out on the day we need it most, it’s certainly a good time to start thinking about how prepared you are for some good old cold-weather motoring. The first port of call in most cases, is to think ‘Should I buy winter tyres?’, or even in some cases, ‘Should I buy a terrain-tackling, winter-withering SUV?’. So, are these really the questions to be asking? Should you buy yourself a fully-fledged 4×4? Or are winter tyres the answer?

Of course, the most important factor to consider here, is staying safe. Which solution is going to ensure you’re as stable and supported in your vehicle no matter how determined Mother Nature is to turn our roads into ice rinks?

Tied Up in Winter Tyres

Undoubtedly, the right tyres can make the most difference in terms of grip, and as such, winter tyres are advisable no matter what you’re driving. Typically though, 4x4s offer a world of supplement to this, helping to ensure a comfortable drive in what could otherwise be a pretty tentative journey. With their weightier, larger build, higher driving position and generally powerful performance, they offer an increased sense of stability and luxury, which in turn will make you a more focused, safer driver.

AWD or 4WD?

So, for the 4X4 novices, brand new to the idea of driving something quite this size, the first thing to know is that this type of vehicle can be split down into two categories; 4WD (four-wheel drive) and AWD (all-wheel drive).

  • 4WD: A four-wheel drive car transmits power from the engine out to all four of the wheels. The ‘part-time’ increase in traction is achieved by locking together the front and rear drive shafts, ensuring the car stays stable in conditions of particularly low grip.
  • AWD: By comparison, an all-wheel drive system digitally reads the telemetry from the vehicle, taking into account traction from the wheels, current speed and the gears, before distributing the power out to the wheels it deems require it.

Whilst AWD can provide greater traction and grip, it’s also a much more complicated and weighty system.

Ultimately, either solution will contribute toward a safer, more enjoyable journey as the weather gets rough. With plenty of used 4×4 options available at cheaper prices than ever before; are you going to get one this year? Check out all the used 4x4s via our Eddie Wright dealership today, and for more information, simply call us on 0844 488 9047!

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