The Eddie Wright Guide to Winter Driving: Preparation

by admin on December 18, 2013

It’s true that, occasionally, driving in the winter can seem utterly nightmarish. Attempting to brave the roads with nought but a pair of gloves and a tendency to close your eyes if things get difficult isn’t exactly an ideal solution, and often results in cancelled plans and staying indoors, or worse heading onto the road in a dangerously cautious manner. Never fear though, dear reader, as here at Eddie Wright, we’re pretty proud to say we’re seasoned veterans of driving even in the worst weather conditions, and this handy guide will help you get where you need to go safely!

Undoubtedly, the secret to safe winter driving is all in the preparation stage. If you’ve fully prepped your vehicle to tackle the snow and the ice, and thought of all the necessary things you’ll need before you set off, your journey will be smooth and secure. As such, don’t go anywhere till you’ve read this preparation checklist and ticked off each part!


Time: It’s all too easy to forget just how much the cold weather can slow the time it takes to reach your destination, especially if you’re used to travelling. Leave in plenty of time, considering traffic and greatly reduced speeds on all roads, not to mention…

Defrosting: Never set off if ice or frost is causing low-visibility through your windscreen. Leave extra time to make sure you have the opportunity to completely clear it!

Screenwash and De-icer: Making sure your car is fully loaded with enough screenwash and de-icer will help speed up the clearing process first thing, and prevent low visibility from spray and sleet when you’re out on the road.

Washing: It’s tempting not to bother getting the car cleaned at this time of year, what with the weather leaping on any opportunity to muddy it again moments later. But a good deal of build-up can lead to your number plate being obscured, aforementioned reduced visibility and it can even dim out your headlights!

Lights: Speaking of which, check all your lights are working on a regular basis, you want to see and be seen as clearly as possible at this time of year, and having a light out can be dangerous!

Tyres: Of course, your tyres deliver you the gift of grip. Be sure to keep an eye on these over winter, check your tyre pressure and if possible, look at investing in some winter tyres!


Once you’ve made all these James May-style pre-flight checks, you’re ready to hit the road. Remember you’ll need to increase breaking distance, keep a considerable gap between yourself and the car in front, and select higher gears where possible! Of course, many people look for a used car to see them through the winter in safety, and here at Eddie Wright we have a huge range of choices! Browse our site today, or give us a call for more!

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