How GardX Protection Could Keep Your Car Classy

by admin on January 10, 2014

When you’re buying a car, whether it’s used or new, you’ll be looking to purchase a vehicle that will run reliably and endure its fair share of wear for a good few years. One way that you can keep your car feeling fresh for longer is by using GardX protection. GardX is a tailored product that can help you keep your car’s interiors and exteriors free from dirt, chemicals, and weathering, which should keep it looking new for years to come, as well as ensuring that your purchase is an investment for the future.

GardX can be used to protect your car’s exterior, which these days will be coated in water-based paint. Water-based paint is more environmentally friendly but it will also be more easily worn and washed away by detergent, rainwater, bird droppings and road salt. The UV rays of the sun will also play their part, and all of this leaves your car’s paintwork feeling rather vulnerable. While wax polishes might bolster your car’s defences a little, these only last a short time and are just as likely to be washed away by you as they are to be worn away by weather. GardX offers an extra layer of protection which won’t be lost.

How Does GardX Work?

GardX uses nanotechnology to offer the most effective and efficient protection against the elements and more. It offers a high gloss finish which keeps your car looking stunning after every wash, and provides a permanent layer of protection into the core of your car’s paintwork. GardX has been tested for its efficacy in some of the world’s harshest weather conditions, to ensure it can weather any storm.

GardX protection is administered in two primary stages; stage one consists of a preseal formulation which penetrates the molecules of the car’s paintwork, while stage two permanently bonds to this presealer, creating a protective coating over the paintwork. After this, a conserver made up from both stages one and two, should be applied monthly as a wash additive, to maintain the car’s GardX protection.

Protecting Paintwork and Your Vehicle Interior

GardX can also be used to protect your car’s interior; by providing an invisible protective layer between your car interiors and dirt, you can prevent any grime or spills from being soaked or absorbed into the fabric, which means that they will wipe off easily and quickly. If your car boasts leather interiors, GardX can offer you an exclusive leather treatment to both seal and moisten the hide and protect it from spills at the same time.

If you’re keen to keep your car in top condition, applying GardX both inside and outside is an investment in your car’s future. Whether you can spare the cash to pay for GardX treatment is up to you, though in our eyes it’s definitely worth the price if you’re intending to keep your car for more than just a couple of years. For yet more information, see our GardX page, or give the friendly team here at Eddie Wright a call on 01724 245 573!

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