CES 2014: The Best New Car Technology

by admin on March 8, 2014

With Geneva underway and already ensuring 2014’s wave of automotive announcements is off to a great start, we take a look back at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, and detail all the vehicle technology that was announced, and what we can expect to see this year! How many of the new Geneva reveals will harness this technology? Will we really be sitting in self-driving cars just a handful of years from now? We explore all this and more in this, our latest blog post!


CES 2014 was a good year for cars and a great year for German cars. Self drive and digital interiors were the big stories, with some great offerings from BMW and Audi. Digital interiors in particular have really come of age. There were some beautiful concept cars as well, with Toyota and San Francisco-based Lit both blurring the lines between car and bike. We saw some more showcasing of solar technology and a new Hydrogen car from Toyota. Here is our selection of the best new car technology revealed at the show.

First up is Audi. As well as putting in some cool features – the laser lights on the Audi Sport Quattro, which illuminate a road for 500 metres, are a great idea – Audi’s new TT has finally made the switch to an all-digital interior. It might seem a little sad to see the needle dials of the past finally clock out, but Audi’s user interface is stylish, convenient and safer to use. Music, calls, you name it – it’s all accessible straight in front you. As you would expect, Audi have done a great job on quality, with high-end graphics and a scroll wheel using handwriting recognition to give the driver a whole new way to interact with their car.

QNX also brought a great interface to the show, bringing out their Car Platform 2.0. The User Interface is polished and refined and, like the Audi, they haven’t skimped on quality. Great audio is one of the strongest features of their new UI and, amazingly, you can now use the voice control feature even with music playing. How they made that work is a mystery.

The other major innovation at CES 2014 was self drive and on that, BMW really stole the show. Their all-electric i3 takes the electric car market forward in a big way, with a good looking car packed full of great features. One of these is the self parking feature. Not only will the i3 park for you, it will look for a parking spot as well. The parking itself is completely hands-free – the driver doesn’t even need to touch the brake – which is another step ahead in technology.

Another nice feature BMW have revealed is their own interpretation of a smart watch. There has been a lot of speculation that this trend will be led by phone manufacturers, but BMW’s wristband allows you to lock and unlock, check the distance of and interact with your car. You can even ask it to help you out when you’ve forgotten where you left it in the car park.

BMW takes its self drive a step further again in its M series. The M235I might be more of a taste of the future of self-drive, but it’s a great taste. The car’s highly autonomous driving technology allows it to navigate tight bends and complex manoeuvres at speed and, while at CES they used a pre-programmed track, this car really is a sign of things to come. For now, it’s great fun.

One last piece of technology worthy of note is the performance data recorder from Chevrolet. Fitted in their 2015 Corvette Stingray, the recorded uses various sensors and a memory card to record your track video and, on playback, overlays it with your data. The result is gorgeous, and might yet be one of the highlights of CES that leads the industry over the next couple of years.

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