Discovering Summer Fun: The Top Ten Convertibles New & Used

by admin on April 29, 2014

03-12-08-2With summer beginning to dawn across Britain, the barbecues are already beginning to heat up. Despite the wind and rain still lingering a little, most minds are beginning to turn towards fun in the sun. One of the hottest ideas is always a convertible car and for those who are considering making their day dreams a reality, here are ten of the top roofless wonders in no particular order, both new and used:

Audi A3 Cabriolet

With a fast folding roof, the Audi is perfect for those brief moments of British sunshine. Down in ten seconds, those in the back might thank the heavens for the extra room, as the additional seats are not too spacious. Available in diesel or an efficient petrol, this could almost be considered the sensible choice.

Porsche Boxster

Though the models which are available at the lower prices might be a bit older with a few more niggles, the Porsche name is still enough to attract many admirers. The performance and the design are not to be dismissed, either.

BMW 6-series convertible

Still relatively new to the used market, the 6-series is the perfect choice for those after power. When it comes to splashing out on some summer fun, however, only the higher mileage models might make a viable option.

Mercedes-Benz SL (2001-2008)

Though the insurance costs might scare off some, the folding metal roof is ideal for all conditions. The elegance and the luxury have aged well and the Mercedes might be well suited for the smoother evening drives, rather than pulling up on the beach.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio

A little pricier than some options here, but brand new. The roof might not fully roll back, but the fun driving experience makes it a great choice for your day to day routine.

Fiat 500C

With dreams of drives along the Italian Riviera,though maybe a bit more Skegness than La Spezia, this little Fiat is the direct route to summer fun. The roof might not collapse fully, but brand new with a warranty, this might be a little bit more reassuring than buying used.

Mazda MX-5

One of the most popular convertibles of all time, this rear wheel drive drop-top is also amazingly reliable. Though the supposed image associated with the vehicle might not quite be what you’re after, the plentiful supply of used models means finding a good example is easy.

Honda S2000

Similar to the MX-5, the S2000 might almost be considered a sensible buy thanks to that legendary reliability which comes with Hondas. The powerful engine might have encouraged a little overuse, so be careful when buying used.

BMW 3-series

Another popular choice, the 3 series has long been a hallmark for fast, if not slightly flash, fun. The badge might draw in a few, but be careful of the well-worn models towards the bottom end of the budget.

Jaguar XK8

For those seeking a little class, the name might be all you need to hear. The engine doesn’t sound bad either, especially with the top down. Running costs may be a little expensive, and if you are buying a used version, they not famed for their sturdiness.

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