Are Dash-Cams the Future of Motoring?

by admin on May 23, 2014

Dash CamA lower insurance premium is what most motorist hope for every year, so if there was a way doing so would you? By purchasing a dash cam you could not only lower your premiums but, in the event of an accident, have all the evidence you need. Recently there has been a major influx in dash cams. Motorists that own such devices are now reaping the benefits by being offered lower premiums when they come to insure their cars.

So what are dash cams and could they potentially save you some cash?

It’s pretty obvious by the name, but a dash cam is essentially a specialised camera that sits on your dashboard or interior windscreen. The camera can be set to record continuously whilst the vehicle is in use, recording everything that goes on throughout your journey.

Typically the dash cam is hard-wired into the vehicles electrical system, the cam automatically begins recording when the car starts, and then stops recording when the vehicle is turned off. Some dash cams have an automatic looping system, so when the memory cards reaches full capacity it will never stop recording, it will just loop over ensuring you never miss a thing.

Prices tend to vary, however you can get yourself a cheaper one for around thirty pounds, which you will more than likely save on your next insurance premium. Extremely popular in Russia, dash cams have more recently taken off in the UK and are saving some motorists a small fortune on their insurance premiums. Over in Russia, the dash cam has been used in the courts as evidence, as well as a guard against police corruption.

Footage can be used in order to protect yourself, and be used as evidence if you were ever involved in an automobile crash from a close call, to a full blown collision, the cam will record every detail.

However, a dash cam is not so good if you’re at the other end of the scale and the incident is actually your fault. Insurance companies are hoping the rise in dash cams can control the amount of insurance fraud that is currently taking place in the UK.

Whether or not we will see an influx of motorists heading out to get themselves a dash cam is uncertain, but lets face it – anything that could potentially reduce the cost of your car insurance, and provide you with some peace of mind, should you be unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, has to be worth considering.

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