Driving License Fees to Drop in 2014

by admin on August 19, 2014

s300_Photocards_02Are you a new, or soon to be new driver? If you’re applying for you first ever UK driving licence later this year, the good news is that you will save money and get it cheaper than those who have applied before you!

Latest proposals by the government will see new drivers who apply online for their first driving licence only having to pay £34, instead of the current £50. That’s a saving of £16, which, on its own may not seem that much. However, when you think of all the other costs new drivers have to face to get themselves on the road, it’s definitely a welcomed saving. With the cost of lessons, theory tests, practical tests, insurance, getting a car… any saving will be gratefully jumped at.

New drivers who make paper applications will also save, but not as much as those who apply online. They will pay £43 instead of the current £50 – a saving of £7. So, if you were thinking of applying the old fashioned way, it might be worth reconsidering and getting online!

If you’re not a new driver, don’t despair. If you’re a more seasoned driver and your licence is coming up for renewal after ten years, you will only have to pay £14 (currently £20) for your new licence. Again, a welcome saving, especially as this is a compulsory renewal that you have to comply with.

The new proposals were announced at the end of July by Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, and Transport Minister Claire Perry. Now, there will be a public consultation on the whole UK driving licence fee structure. If all goes well, drivers will be able to enjoy these savings from October 2014.

Every year, the DVLA receives and processes around one million applications for a first driving licence, and they issue around ten million driving licences in total.

According to Transport Minister Claire Perry, the proposed reduction in fees is possible because the DVLA has successfully made significant savings on their running costs, thanks to new digital technology. They are now passing these savings onto drivers and all in all will save drivers across the UK around £18 million per year.
As we all know, the costs of driving to mount up, so while not huge individual savings, every little bit helps.

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