5 Really Reliable SUVs

by admin on August 30, 2014

2014-motor-trend-suv-of-the-year-contender-and-finalist-02We’ve noticed that SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, particularly as family cars. But why is this, and which are the most reliable?

We attribute their recent popularity to the speed with which manufacturers have met the change in consumer demands. In the past, consumers tended to buy SUVs based on their roominess and their suitability for off-road driving. Today’s consumers are more interested in the environment; they want fuel efficiency and a car they can rely on.

So which of the SUVs on the market at the moment are most reliable? Here are our 5 favourites:

• 2014 Nissan Quashquai: It’s comfortable, practical and economical, and about as safe as safe can be. Nissan have taken owner feedback into account when developing this new model, meaning that it’s got more space for both passengers and luggage. The safety factor in particular appeals to those looking for a family car, as will the focus on useful storage space. Further, the Quashquai boasts solid fuel economy along with low CO2 emissions takes environmental concerns into account.


• Skoda Yeti: The Yeti has received excellent reviews from owners, which says a lot on its own. This is a great buy if you’re looking for a vehicle you can take your kids to school in during the week, and pack mountain bikes (or whatever other sports equipment you may need) into the back over the weekend. The seats can be folded down or even removed to give you a vast amount of boot space. Skoda use Volkswagen engines, which are known for being reliable.



• Honda CR-V: Honda is well known for producing reliable cars, and the CR-V is no exception. This is another SUV with great safety ratings, meaning that it stands out for those looking for a family car. However, it does come with a hefty price tag.


• Dacia Duster: This is the SUV to go for if your purchase will be based primarily on price, though it’s also a car you can depend on – after all, it wouldn’t have made this list if it wasn’t considered to be a very reliable car. In contrast to the other options on this list, however, the Dacia Duster hasn’t been met with great safety ratings.


• Mazda CX-5: Ideal for the conscientious consumer, this car has low CO2 emissions, and quite frankly exceptional fuel economy. It’s shown to be a very safe car, and doesn’t stray from Mazda’s reputation of being notoriously reliable. The seats can easily be folded down, making for very reasonable boot space.

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