How to fight your parking ticket – and why you should!

by admin on October 22, 2014

Parking ticket It happens to the best of us at some point or other. Perhaps there’s an extra long queue in your favourite store, perhaps a meeting ran over, or maybe, you just lost track of time. Whatever the case, when you get back to your car, even if you’re just a minute or two over the meter, there it is – the dreaded parking ticket.

Before you go ahead and make the payment, you might like to know that it was recently reported that success rates regarding parking ticket appeals have gone up lately. In fact, over 50% of motorists who choose to challenge their parking tickets, are successful!

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide as to how you can fight your parking ticket:

1. Take action quickly. To appeal against your parking ticket, you must write to the issuing council within 14 days of receiving the penalty notice. Claiming after this date could affect your chance of success.

(It’s also worth noting that generally, if you’re choosing to pay the fine, it will cost you less within the first 14 days – an appeal may end up taking you over that time, and if it goes against you, you may have to pay the higher amount. You can ask for the fine to be frozen at the lower rate until a resolution occurs, but there are no guarantees.)

2. Cross your fingers! At this point, the council may accept your challenge and cancel your fine. On the other hand, they may not, at which point you will receive a Notice to Owner form, which is you being asked to make formal representations. Essentially, this means you have 14 days to explain your reasons as to why the penalty notice should be rescinded. Be clear, be concise, be honest and be polite!

3. Again, at this point you may win, or your appeal can be rejected on receipt of a Notice of Rejection of Representation and an Appeal Notice form. That being the case, you have one last chance to appeal, this time to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, an independent body who will make the final decision.

The majority of claims though, provided you have a genuine case for challenging your ticket, will not even make it this far, having already been rescinded at a lower level.

The lesson to learn is that if you believe you have been fined wrongly, you should always promptly and politely make an appeal!

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