Do you have any bad habits at the wheel?

by admin on November 11, 2014

a5c5d5e960e5e3adcfb810d461fbbd6dIf you had to sit your driving test again, do you think you would pass? According to a recent survey, few parents think they would. In fact, 72% of mums and dads who completed the recent survey by the Goodyear Driving Academy, thought they’d fail if asked to take their test again. Bad driving habits, road rage, and memory problems were just a few of the issues to come out of the survey.

Memory gaps

One in five mums said they couldn’t remember much about their driving lessons or training at all. Meanwhile 37% of both mums and dads claimed they didn’t understand what they described as the ‘new’ regulations!

Bad habits

Just under half of all parents said they had developed some bad driving habits since passing their original test. Nearly a quarter said they’d read a text while driving, and around 50% admitted to eating something at the wheel – the most common of all bad habits! One in ten also owned up to jumping a red light at a junction.

Rage on!

According to the survey, 20% of mothers said they had experienced road rage, which is more than dads. Contrary to the stereotypical view, the female drivers were more prone to road rage than men, with 17% of dads saying they’d lost it while behind the wheel.

Told off

Although 44% of parents believe their driving habits will not influence their children, 15% of them admitted to getting a telling off from their offspring for some of their antics when behind the wheel – presumably for running a red light or sending a text! And, despite fearing they would fail a re-sit of the driving test, 40% of parents said they would be happy to teach a friend or relative how to drive.

The Goodyear Driving Academy has since launched a ‘parent pack’ to help parents sharpen up on some of their driving skills, as well as to make them more aware of the habits they may be passing on to the next generation. A spokesperson for the organisation said it was understandable that parents’ driving knowledge may deteriorate over time which is why so many feel they would fail their test today.

How do you think you would fare if your knowledge was put to the test, and do you think you’re qualified to teach others how to drive? If you’ve been driving for a number of years there’s a good chance you’ve developed a few bad habits of your own!

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