Holiday Car Hire Chaos as the paper license is axed

by admin on April 29, 2015

Driving Licence speeding offence endorsement fixed penalty points UK. Image shot 01/2012. Exact date unknown. Brits heading abroad to Europe for a trip away and looking to hire a vehicle upon arrival are currently having a nasty time when they cannot pick up their vehicle as a result of the recent changes to our UK driving licenses, in particular, the lack of a paper counterpart.

Introduced in 1998 the two-part license has been the norm for a while now but as most motorists found it to be inconvenient they are now scrapping them in favour of just the single card part of the license but looks like this won’t be the most convenient of changes for holiday makers initially.

Once we get to June 8th prior to heading abroad and hiring a car we’ll have to log on to the DVLA website and enter our driving license number in order to obtain a special code which we can then give to the car hire company upon arrival; just when we needed another thing on the pre-holiday to do list!

Unfortunately, it’s not just as simple as that, should you be needing to hire a car after the first 72 hours of the trip your code will no longer be valid meaning you need to find an internet café or incur data roaming charges to have a new one issued to you (oh and also have your National Insurance number to hand!).

Even for the car hire companies abroad the whole situation is very confusing; Mark Bower of MoneyMaxim said “‘I spoke to one big car hire firm in Portugal this week and they knew nothing of the changes. Six weeks away from implementation, the whole thing is very muddled.”

We all know the last thing you want to do upon arriving abroad after a long days travelling is then sit in a relentlessly long queue as a result of these new changes but until all motorists and hire firms are up to date we aren’t in for a fun time should we want to hire a car abroad!

The DVLA is strongly advising that the changes have been very widely publicized but until everyone is on the same page with it be prepared when travelling abroad and planning to hire a car. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest news if you’ve got a car-rental planned for your next holiday!




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