IAM Urge More Road Safety Consideration?

by admin on May 1, 2015

Road safetyThe Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has laid out a number of propositions and areas of focus that they feel require the attention of the newly formed Government of the United Kingdom. They say they are disappointed with the level of focus on road safety related policies in the build up to the coming election.

“I am genuinely disappointed none of the parties has featured road safety in their manifestos”, were the thoughts of IAM chief executive Sarah Sillars.

A large part of the proposals are based on concerns regarding the increasing use of in-car technology, which although it being aimed at making a driver’s life more easy, IAM argue is causing increased distractions. They have laid out plans which could see drivers being educated on the dangers of overly using this tech wh8ilst on the go, and suggest the launch of guidelines similar to those which were launched in the US in recent years. Guidelines include thisngs like a 2 second time limit for a driver’s eyes being off the road.

Sillars says: “Cars are so advanced that they have become surrogate living rooms. But we are concerned about the distraction element of driving. Put simply, technology has moved too far for Government. We need research-based guidelines that highlight distraction is an issue.”

The IAM have also had their say on the learner process, in particular focusing on young drivers and believe that a more gradual process is required in order to expose young drivers to a range of elements. This is something which will be backed by a green paper which is yet to be published, but highly anticipated by the IAM and similar organisations.

With regards to support for older drivers, Sillars said:  “Government and medical professionals need to take it much more seriously. People don’t want to talk about giving up driving and we need support with good to information and help from GPs.”

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