80 years of delight and disappointment: Happy Birthday Driving Test!

by admin on July 1, 2015

Student-DriverFor anyone that has already been through the nerve wracking experience of taking their driving test, we salute you. And whether you’re one of the lucky, or we’re sure you’d say talented, ones that made it through on the first attempt, or one of the less lucky who took a few tries, we all know how great it feels when you get over the line!

2015 is a big year for UK driving as we celebrate 80 years of the driving test, and as such, we thought we would take a little trip down memory lane to see how the test has developed and changed during that time.

The driving test was made compulsory for UK drivers back in June 1935, and in the time between then and now around 50 million people have taken their tests. The pass rate during that first year was around 63%, and it seems that the test has become more strenuous over the years, with the figure from last year standing at less than half – 47%.

Something else that has certainly changed is the cost of the test, with the original costing just over seven shillings. Today the average cost of the test considering you’ll need to pay an instructor to take you there and back is closer to £100.

If you’re wondering where the toughest place to pass a test is, we have bad news for the residents of Belvedere in London. And whilst it might not surprise you to learn that the congestion of London makes the driving test a bit trickier, a pass rate of less than a third is certainly worryingly low.

If you thought your 4 or 5 attempts was embarrassing, spare a thought for these unlucky souls. An unnamed chap from Stoke-on-Trent took 37 tests to finally get his licence, forking out a total of £3,394. The record number of theory tests taken stands at a staggering 113, costing a total of £3,500 before the 30 year old woman from Southwark even got near her practical!

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