Money Saving Tips For Running Your Car

by admin on September 1, 2015

moneyz We all know that owning and running a vehicle is a fairly costly business so we’re here to help you cut costs on your motoring. With car insurance, tax, servicing and MOT’s to worry about there’s already plenty of expense on hand without even the day to day cost of petrol factored in.

So, how can you save on the costs of running your vehicle? Let’s start with car insurance. Firstly, make sure you shop around; there are plenty of comparison sites available to you and they will allow you to see a vast variety of suppliers and toggle with the cover levels to ensure you find the best deal for your criteria. If you can achieve any additional driving qualifications e.g. Institute of Advanced Motorists you can reduce your premium by up to 10% or installing the latest technology such as a telematics box. The reason as a telematics box can lower your premium as a new driver is because the insurer can see the quality of your driving and as such determine your level of risk and adjust your premium in turn.

Now we’ve taken a look at how to save on insurance next up is the all-important and of course essential; fuel costs. It’s important to shop around when looking at fuel costs and typically supermarket forecourts are cheapest.

Servicing is crucial to the longevity and sustainable value of your vehicle but we all dread that bill coming out! However, if you look into a service plan at the point of purchase you can actually end up saving hundreds over the years even though initially there is a chunk to pay. Alternatively there is more freedom now to shop around on servicing quotes as the manufacturer can no longer void your warranty for going with an independent garage so that’s important to bear in mind.

So there’s a few tips to hopefully help you save!

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