Lexus & BMW Gunning for Audi

by admin on October 23, 2015

eddie Wright - lexus-bmwWe know as well as anyone that the Audi R8 is one of the most unquestionably desirable things on four wheels, and particularly loved here in the UK.

It has certainly proven itself to be a thorn in the sides of Audi’s supercar competitors, with impressive sales figures since its launch in 2007, and with the newest generation model launching this year, there are bound to be plenty of keen eyed Audi fans looking for a used bargain on one of the older versions. We will hopefully be able to help a few of them find new homes ourselves!

However, recent rumours are that Lexus and BMW are teaming up to create something new with the sole purpose of blowing the R8 out of the supercar waters, although early indications are that whilst it might have the R8 for power, you’ll have to pay a premium for the boost.

Although not due for another 5 years, there are already a few details being thrown around. Firstly that the monstrous new joint venture will pack over 800bhp, and could command a price tag of £160k. Sources close to Lexus says the companies have already jointly built a mid-engined all-wheel-drive prototype.

Lexus and BMW will eventually go their separate ways on the projects and both have made plans regarding the power units they intend to fit. BMW intend to use a bespoke M-developed straight-six twin turbo with plug-in hybrid tech courtesy of Toyota, while Lexus is thought to be testing a detuned version of the 513bhp 3.7-litre V8 from Toyota’s TS040 Le Mans race car.

And despite that 800bhp quoted, it seems like there was a temptation to push it even higher. A source is quoted as saying: “While 1,000bhp is possible, fuel consumption, emissions and engine tolerances will see a more realistic figure of 800bhp targeted”.

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