Signs displaying the cost of fuel at the Motorway services are on their way.

by admin on November 2, 2015

departmentfortransportThe Department for Transport are going to be trialling signs on the M5 between Exeter and Bristol in order to work on reducing the much higher prices consumers are charged on the motorway compared to visiting a petrol station not in a services.

The trial is set to start at the end of the year and the digital displays will show up to date fuel prices from five different petrol stations between Exeter and Bristol on a stretch of the M5 in a bid to help reduce the gap which can be up to 15p more expensive compared to forecourts elsewhere.

A further three signs are set to follow during next year. Whilst we know that generally we pay more to get fuel on the motorway what is interesting to note is that there is even quite a leap between the prices of fuel along the same motorway. For example in a recent study conducted by Auto Express on the M4 they found a difference of 9p between two services along the same motorway and based on an average tank fill up could cost the customer an additional £5 had they stopped at the services charging the higher cost per litre.

The AA commented saying that there is a growing need for fuel transparency in the UK and “Motorway service stations have a bad reputation for fuel prices, and those actually looking to save motorists money should be highlighted.”

Should the trial prove to be a success for motorists and result in fairer prices on the motorways then the Government will consider increasing the number of these signs across the whole of our motorway network which covers 2,300 miles.

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