Are You Overpaying for Awareness Courses?

by admin on November 26, 2015


Speed awareness and driver awareness courses are things we all hope we’ll never have to end up doing. But the fact is many of us do, and research has shown that they can in fact be very effective, and most would prefer it to taking points on the license which can obviously have longer term financial effects.

However, Auto Express recently conducted some research into the shorter term financial implications of attending these sessions, and discovered that there was actually quite an alarming variation in the cost of attending when compared geographically throughout the UK. This might well be worth taking note of so that if you do find yourself needing to attend for any reason, you can consider a short drive that might just save you a good chunk on the cost.

There are a few different types of course that drivers find themselves needing to attend. However, the one most drivers will be familiar with is the dreaded Speed Awareness Course. This is generally offered after committing a speeding offence as an alternative to a fine. Whilst conducting their research, Auto Express discovered that some drivers are being charged £21 more than others, namely those in Essex, who are forking out up to £100. In comparison, those in Merseyside were attending the same day’s training for £79. Humberside (£95) and Nottinghamshire (£92.50) were other locations where speed awareness courses were highly priced.

Driving Awareness Courses on the other hand average higher at £154, but the gap between cheapest and most expensive was an alarming £100. The cheapest recorded price was quoted in Essex at £100. The most expensive was double that amount, with the poor folk down in Dorset being charged £200. Suffolk, Warwickshire and Sussex were also quoted among the priciest places to take a Driver Awareness Course.

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