Staying Safe This Winter

by admin on November 30, 2015

Winter driving can be incredibly treacherous, even for the most experienced road users. But whether you’re getting ready for your first winter on the roads, or your 50th, these winter driving tips could save a life, so they’re well worth a read. Auto Express recently teamed up with expert Dafydd Williams who provided a list of dos and don’ts.

Firstly, William advised that in bad conditions you should only drive where necessary: “Do you really need to travel? Are there alternative options that reduce your amount of car use to avoid unnecessary risk?”

However, if you do hit the road, make sure that you maintain a high level of concentration and observation on the road ahead. Williams added: “Look as far ahead as you can see and then work back to the front of your car. When you approach a bend, look around it as far as you can see.”
It’s more important than ever during winter driving that you take your time, don’t rush anything, and leave loads of braking time. Williams said: “Braking sends the weight to the front of the car so you don’t want to turn while you’re braking. But as soon as you’re happy, blend the accelerator back in.”

You should also ensure that you remain in control of every movement: “You shouldn’t ever not be giving the car any input. If you’re not on the brakes, then you should be giving the car some throttle. It’s all about weight transfer.”

It is also more important than ever in the winter to understand your car’s ABS according to Williams: “It’s important to know what the system feels like – a judder sensation under the foot. It is important to understand that ABS not only stops you in a shorter distance, it also provides valuable steering control under braking.”

Finally, if you do encounter black ice and find yourself in a slide make sure you know exactly what to do. Williams simply advises to ““steer into the slide and keep steering until you feel it straighten up”.

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