Suspension Issues Linked to Bad Roads?

by admin on December 28, 2015

Much has been made over recent months about the poor state of some roads here in the UK, with figures now supporting claims that these road issues could be directly responsible for suspension and other issues.

This comes after new numbers released by the RAC show an increase in call-outs for suspension faults. The figures show that breakdowns which were directly related to issues involving suspension and spring-related issues rose by 33 per cent last year, and this has now been put down to the decreasing quality of UK road surfaces.

In terms of categories of issues, this was the largest increase of any, with speed limiter issues – up 30 per cent and 29 per cent respectively.

It isn’t only suspension that is suffering as a result of poor road surfaces either. The same figures also revealed that there were more than 290,000 incidents which involved punctured tyres or broken wheels. This made up 9 out of every 10 call outs for the RAC.

RAC Patrol of the Year Ben Wilson said: “The increase in suspension and spring faults might well be as a result of the continuing poor state of local roads – while motorways and other major routes are part of one of the biggest improvement programmes in a generation,” he said. “Motorists remain concerned about the condition of local roads and the lack of ring-fenced funds to improve them.”

“With more people choosing a hybrid as their next vehicle due to the reduced emissions and economy they offer, it makes sense that we have had more to fix this year,” Wilson added. “Speed limiters and other fuel-saving devices are being introduced by more fleets in order to help reduce fuel costs, so the increase in faults there is something we will be looking at closely as we go into 2016.

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