Could electric cars be the dominate force on British roads by 2027?

by admin on August 9, 2016

electriccarforceWe all know about the ever-growing demand for a more sustainable and renewable energy source for vehicles, and we all know an abundance of manufacturers are throwing billions in the direction of research and development to satisfy this desire, but given all this, how close are we to finding a solution?

Well, the last decade or so has seen an enormous push for plug-in hybrids and fully electric SUVs. People care about the hole burning their pockets with fuel price rises and taxes on high-polluting cars.

Brands from different markets are striving to take control of the electric boom. Whether it’s a big SUV like the Outlander PHEV, the iconic Golf with its GTE, the sporty Tesla S or a truly unique template in the Renault Twizy, everyone is having a go in some form or another. After all, with such an increase in demand, there was going to have to be an increase in supply!

Go Ultra Low is a government lead campaign to push the use of electric vehicles and a recent study has suggested that by 2027, more than 50% of new cars could be EV’s thanks to what they call an ‘electric vehicle’.

Numbers for plug-ins and hybrids are up year-on-year with 60,000 registered in the UK in the last five years alone. The uptake isn’t surprising when it’s claimed that you can save £750 a year in fuel bills and that the infrastructure is in place – 96% of motorway services have a rapid charger that can get you to 80% battery life in less than half an hour!

According to Go Ultra Low estimates, we could reach 1.3 million units sold per year by 2027! The Government grant scheme to help fund plug-in vehicles with up to £5,000 has without question played a pivotal role in the amount of sales, but has also drummed up enough widespread interest to indeed make it worthwhile. In 2011 there were just 1,000 registrations of EV vehicles, by 2015 this number stood at 28,000.

Whether or not the electric revolution fully transpires is yet to be seen, one thing’s for sure is the Eddie Wright forecourts will be bringing you more and more high-quality hybrid and electric vehicles for many years to come! To see what we have available at our dealerships already get in touch with our friendly team in Scunthorpe today!

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