The Best Dash Cams: Car Camera Craze

by admin on August 30, 2016

nextbase-312gwIn-car technology is a funny old thing; while some aspects of our dashboard divulgences have come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, some long standing tech is only just beginning to be featured as standard in newer cars. Apple’s CarPlay seems like something which should have been commonplace around five years ago, for example, while many in-car sat navs still pale in comparison to the omnipotent Google maps. But what about the latest craze in in-car tech? Have you got yourself a dash cam yet?

Rising in popularity after becoming the source of many viral internet videos due to being mandatory in Russia (apparently home to a regular cavalcade of dangerous near-misses and cringe-worthy collisions – who knew) dash cams have now become a mainstay in the UK too. Not only do they often provide amusing video content featuring terrible road rage, or awful, caught-in-the-act manoeuvres, they also rather more importantly, document and evidence accidents, helping your case when it comes to insurance claims or even appealing to the police. In short, dash cams are a must have for road users in 2016. Here then is our round up of the best three you’ll find on the market!

Asus Reco Classic Dash Cam

The Asus Reco Classic, while rather presumptuously named for a dash cam, is a superb all-in one camera offering, The Asus Reco Classic Dash Camintegrally, around the clock recording. This means if anything happens to your car during the night, such a theft, your trusty dash cam is on hand to send the full story straight to you. Its in-built GPS is also a prominent feature, allowing journeys to be recorded, and for the thing to be tracked again in case of theft. Quality is top notch and while prices are steep at just shy of the £100 mark, you’re buying a solid piece of kit that should last you.

RAC 03 Dash Cam

The RAC 03 dash cam is something a little bit special. Not only is this a dash cam, it’s unique design means it’sRAC 03 Dash Cam also a fancy rear view mirror, easily affixed over your old one, and offering a tonne of benefits too. It records your journeys in a lavish HD, comes with expandable memory and built-in GPS like the ASUS. This also gives the user options to set up safety camera warnings, and speed-based alerts. As a piece of clever design that keeps the camera concealed this is a brilliant bit of kit, though at around £160 it’s certainly the higher end of the market.

Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam

Another £100 entry here, and the Nextbase 312GW offers solid, consistent quality and an easy-to-use setup and nextbase-312gwinterface. Its magnetic mount makes it a convenient solution too, as often finding somewhere to affix your dash cam can prove tricky depending on your dashboard layout. The magnet mount means you can keep the cam wherever you please, and disconnecting it for playback or file transfer is a simple, wire-free process.

Dashboard Camera Diaries

These are our picks, but there’s currently a huge demand for dash cams as drivers learn of their ability to attest innocence during a crash. Have you got a dash cam preference?  Are you undecided on getting one? Have any questions about the latest additions to the line up? Pop a comment below and let the experts at Eddie Wright know!

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