More Reasons Not to Use Your Phone Whilst Driving!

by admin on October 26, 2016

Driving whilst using your mobile phonePenalties for driving whilst using your phone are changing, and this may make you think twice about sending that snapchat, or answering that call whilst behind the wheel.





Current Penalties for Driving Whilst Using a Mobile Phone

As you will already be aware, it’s illegal to use your phone whilst driving, and has been since 2003! Under the existing system, a £60 fixed penalty notice and three points on your license was the minimum you’d expect to gain should you be caught using your phone whilst behind the wheel. Under new measures announced by the Transport Secretary, penalties are about to get tougher.


New Penalties for Using Your Phone Behind the Wheel!

Under new plans by the Transport Secretary, if you’re caught using your phone behind the wheel from next year, you can expect a bigger fine and even more points. Your reaction time is reportedly 50% slower if you’re using your mobile behind the wheel, and this is something the government are tightening up on the help prevent the avoidable collisions on the road. The new plans will see culprit drivers with an automatic £200 on the spot fine, and six fresh penalty points on their license. These new plans should create a greater incentive to drive safely as new drivers risk loosing their license altogether. New drivers are only permitted to accrue six penalty points before their license is revoked, therefore under the new plans, new drivers risk loosing their license completely.


When Will the Changes Commence?

The new plans are expected to take effect during the first half of 2017. This isn’t long at all, and for those drivers who continue to use mobile phones behind the wheel, this means there isn’t much time to change behaviour. Only time will tell how these changes affect the issue, but for younger drivers, it will present a much greater incentive to drive responsibly.

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