Is your car ready for winter?

by admin on October 31, 2016

It has certainly become a lot cooler recently you may have got yourself ready for winter with warmer clothes and getting the heating in your house on the go but have you thought about your car and whether it is ready to tackle the upcoming onslaught of rain, wind and snow. If you don’t have a garage or indoor car park to keep your car in it will take the brunt of the weather sitting on your driveway so here are a few of our tips to get it ready for winter!

Get your car serviced

If it has been a while since you had your car serviced get it done now to make sure that all aspects of your car are in working order. A service will also check the state of your tyres to make sure they are in top condition to be able to cope with the wet and icy roads.

Replace your windscreen wipers

Check your windscreen wipers for any splits or tears and replace them if necessary, if they aren’t in good condition they won’t be very good at clearing your windscreen when you are trying to deice your car before work in the morning.

Checklist of things to keep in your car

A breakdown is never good and can come at an unexpected time, so make sure you are prepared. There are a few things you should carry with you just incase your car breaks down. A high visibility jacket will help keep you seen especially when the weather is poor. A warm jacket and boots are great to keep you warm, you don’t want to be chilly if it snows and you have to wait by the roadside. Other items you should carry throughout winter regardless of a breakdown include deicer and a scraper, torch and even a packet of biscuits to keep the hunger away!

Make sure your headlights work

The clocks have just gone back which brings the dreaded darker evenings. It is so important that all the exterior lights on your car are fully working. Replace the bulbs if necessary so that everyone else can you see when out on the roads.

Keep your car clean

The road gritters will soon be out in force and as great as the salt is at improving the road surface it isn’t great for your car. Make sure you clean your car regularly throughout winter to keep your paintwork in pristine condition

These are just a few of our tips to make sure your car is ready to brave the elements, let us know what you do to get your car ready for winter.

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