What Insurance Options Are Available For Used Cars?

by admin on October 27, 2017

It can be costly buying a car, so it’s important that you know and understand the additional cost of insurance! There are different types of insurance that you can get with your newly purchased car, and many factors that can affect your cost of it. Such factors include; your age, your cars age, the model, and the features fitted on the car – such as alarm and safety fixtures.


To help you understand what to go for, here are the top insurance options available for used cars:

Liability insurance

This insurance option means that the insurer will pay for injuries and damages caused in an accident to others. It will protect you from the cost and legal expenses of any damage or personal injury you may cause in a road incident.

Comprehensive insurance

A comprehensive option for your used car is a popular choice as it means your vehicle is covered against damage not resulted from a collision. The damages that are covered may result from things like vandalism, fires, and water damage.

Collision insurance

This insurance coverage means the insurer will pay out if you hit another object or vehicle, by paying for the cost of repairs or replacement of the vehicle. So whether you get a scratch from a tree, or have a big accident, you will be covered.

Collector insurance

Although a less common insurance to get a hold on, for some used cars you can get collector insurance. Often the conditions of this policy is when the vehicle is vintage, driven on a limited basis (not daily), for education or timed events, and is kept in a locked space, like a garage.
Cracked Windscreen

For different insurance policies, insurers will vary in their terms and conditions with what they will include to cover, so you should always inspect each feature of every policy and compare them to your own needs. Some features you may want to include will be windscreen damage, recovery vehicle, and road side assistance. However you should also check the excess you agree to, as this will be your own contribution to any claim you make on the insurance.

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